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Garlic Naan (September 2023)

Made Chicken Curry and this Garlic Naan for the first time this week. Kinda felt like this dude who tried Indian food for the first time when I tried the Naan. This stuff was absolutely otherworldly and not too challenging to make.

I followed this simple [recipe].




Weird to think, but I think I’m getting better at combining ingredients. I always read the recipe first and make sure I have the appropriate bowls out to make the mixing as easy as possible. The food scale, which I’ve talked about before, is the biggest single game changer. This recipe also recommended blooming the yeast while covered, and I think that worked really well, so I’ll probably always do that from now on.

No kneading was required for this and the dough rose pretty quickly – fully proofed in ~75 or 80 minutes. Then it was just a matter of splitting up the dough into little balls and letting them proof for ~15 minutes. I made the dough balls on my counter in some flour and I just covered them right there on the counter.

I made two mistakes when cooking the first naan. First, the pan probably wasn’t quite hot enough. There wasn’t a lot of action for the first 30 seconds of the cooking or so. Additionally, the dough round still had a light dusting of uncombined flour from the counter. I figured out I could just shake the rounds out over the sink to avoid this for the rest that I baked.

Note: Love to see the naan on the stove absolutely…

I knew I had to put something on the finished product to take it to the next level. I didn’t have the right cheese, so I just melted some butter and mixed in some pre-minced garlic. This worked extremely well. So yummy.

I saved half the dough to cook later, so it will be interesting to see how those compare.